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Sectional Title Management

Ekhaya Properties Sectional Title Management (EPSTM) offers the following services:

1.    Dedicated Sectional Title Portfolio Manager

  • A dedicated and specialised sectional title portfolio manager will be assigned to manage your body corporate as your single point of contact with EPSTM;
  • Our portfolio managers are currently enrolled for training in sectional title management and will have completed a UCT Sectional Title and Property Management Course in anticipation of the implementation of the new Sectional Title Act and Regulations in eSwatini.
  • Appointment and management of all service providers to the Body Corporate and property.

2.   Billing and Collections:

  • Physical distribution of monthly levy statements to owners or via email and internet options where available;
  • Collection of monthly levies by debit order, electronic banking, direct deposit and branch deposit are all available;
  • Credit control of all outstanding levies;
  • Billing of interest on arrears;
  • Attorney collections liaison;
  • Management of meter reading services for specific service/utility billing and recoveries included with the monthly levy statements and collections;
  • Issue of levy clearance certificates

3.   Disbursements:

  • Payment of approved creditors and municipal accounts;
  • All disbursements approved and signed off in accordance with Trustee instructions and the relevant legislation;
  • Maintenance of voucher files;
  • Immediate SMS notification to all specified trustees on every payment made to creditors;
  • E-mail requests to all the trustees to obtain a minimum of two trustees’ approval to pay creditors;
  • Net cash verification reports obtained prior to paying all creditors to ensure that the creditors invoice and banking details are correct.

4.   Insurance Services:

  • Broker services for sectional title schemes to ensure appropriate insurance cover at competitive rates;
  • Administration and disbursement of claims;
  • Annual claims history reporting;
  • Levy factoring to enhance Body Corporate cash flow in certain circumstances.

5.   Meeting Attendance and Secretarial Service:

  • Attendance at four (4) trustees meetings per year as well as the Annual General Meeting.
  • Preparation and distribution of notices of trustees meetings, agendas and minutes.
  • Organisation and minute taking at the Annual General Meeting and trustees meetings.

6.  Advisory Service:

  • Immediate advisory service regarding provisions of the Sectional Title Act and other relevant legislation

7.   Personnel records:

  • Direct (electronic) payment of salaries and wages to staff
  • Calculation and payment of statutory deductions
  • Issuing of payslips to bodies’ corporate staff members
  • Keeping records of bodies corporate leave
  • Prompting trustees for bodies corporate staff annual bonuses
  • Maintenance of staff records
  • Advisory services for labour legislation issues and disputes

8.   Statutory Records:

  • Maintenance of statutory records of the body corporate including:
    • Books of account
    • Conduct rules and regulations thereto
    • Registered sectional title plans
    • Register of bondholders and owners
    • Minute books
    • Voucher files and accounting records
    • Employee and payroll records

9.   Maintenance administration:

  • Maintenance administration to arrange quotes, booking contractors and facilitating invoice approval by a dedicated maintenance administrator
  • We have a panel of approved contractors as maintenance partners: their workmanship, regulatory body registration, insurance and labour legislation compliance and cost effectiveness has been positively tested from extensive prior experience.

10.   Take-on Assessment ‘Health Check’:

  • On taking on a property, a take-on agent will be assigned to ensure a smooth transition.
  • The person concerned will perform a ‘health check’ of the property to confirm that all the appropriate hand-over information is available and loaded, and that your property and management thereof is fully compliant with all the relevant regulations and legislation.
  • After a smooth take-on has been achieved, the management of the property is handed over to a sectional title portfolio manager to continue with the ongoing management of the property.
  • The Health Check includes:
    • Deeds search to confirm that correct owners and their details are loaded for levy billing and communication purposes
    • Validation of sectional tile plans and levy schedule
    • Budget review, identification of risks and formulation of recommendations
    • Performance to budget review (PTB), assessment of reserves and evaluation of variances
    • Review of maintenance plans
    • Review of insurance cover
    • Review of firefighting equipment and other relevant risk procedures
    • Confirmation of conduct rules lodged with the deeds office
    • Review of owner accounts, arrear levies and credit control effectiveness
    • Review of compliance to relevant legislation
    • Preparation of a report and action log to address identified gaps
    • Preparation of a property management control schedule demonstrating required monthly operational activities to be managed and confirmed.

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